How To Convince A Virgin Girl To Have Sex?


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Hah I see all these comments and its kinda funny ..  Most of you say that he  must love her first..well maybe he dose, who sayed he dosent..let me tell you guys what happend to me ,I was in a relationship for about 1 year ..never had sex with her because she was a virgin and I didnt want to push her into this, I said that when she is feeling prepared she will say it to me..but after all of this  she left me for another guy ..they been together for about 2 months and they had sex..the guy turned out to be a bastard and he broke her heart, so she came back to me..I took her back because I still loved her all though I know she didnt really love me.

What am I trying to say here is that its not good to simply wait ..the best thing you can do is talk to her.. Be honest , say your feelings.. Say that you would like to have sex with her, don't push her but let her know that when she feels she is ready you will be waiting for her ..
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You don't have to love her, the trick to that is to just say that the two of you are special. When you're together, caress
Her a lot, kiss her, kiss her neck, run your fingers thu her hair, etc...these things will make her Horny, will turn get on and even if you don't love her, shell think she loves you and want to just kinda let it happen....then you grab her by the hips and Try to poke her belly button out....:
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You don't need to convince her you should love her and make her feel wanted loved and comfortable that way she won't be nervous if you don't actually care for her I say you should not go through with it a woman's virginity is very important to her and if you just want her for that you could hurt her for a long time
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What a bunch of preachy nonsense.  You guys have offered nothing of value.  But congratulations on adding more self-indulgent, proselytizing noise to an already noisy world.  And you still didn't answer the poor guy's question.  He was not asking for morality lessons.  He wanted to learn how to seduce the girl of his desire.  Give me (and the rest of the world) a break and loosen up!
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Who wh now hang on should never convince a girl to lose her virinity to you just because! You have to care about her first and want to be with her! If you do that that's not right to take away a womens innocence just because you want to. Women are very special and I'm very sad that most men these days don't think that way anymore...

I wish I was virgin but some dummy made me or sorry convinced me to give it up and then broke my heart...find the right in love.
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This is too true, though women can be just as bad about this as men. I got screwed over my freshman year with a senior, and yes i was the age of consent... Just pressure will work sometimes but ur a pig if you do it.
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Yey!! Top answer I'd give you ten thumbs up for that one!!
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Hello m nayab gull (female) from pakistan
jewel_eden if you get my comment n then ans me soon ... I want to ask a question ? Do you eva love some guy ? N thinks he is the right guy for you...

Ans me soon i ll be waiting

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You can't convince or talk her into to it,  you have to wait until she is ready. If you talk her into it then she may regret it later and that could ruin your relationship big time.
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1st think 'bout the girl.. Then develop a good relationship n be in a true relationship.. Then even if your not married..slowly start to share your physical life with each other. A true love relation is a completely private relationship.. So the social fact to be married is not so necessary in between you.. Do it safe without seeking any future problem n  be together forever.. After all sex is a basic need for both male n female.
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First thing that making sex relationship whit girl is not some thing difficult thing but first love her and truly love and do that things that she really like after 20days or 1 month take here to a sight and take here hand and pull here to you and keep looking to here ayes and kiss her the kiss in which she feel that how much you love here and after 20 days of meeting whit here then never deceive here. And keep remember her in your heart because in this way she will also remember you.
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You can't really "Convince" a girl that has her virginity to have sex, its just one of those things your going to have to wait for. But, it does help if you have been in a long term relationship, it gives a girl more confidence in her self to have sex. - ox   daniella.
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Don't force to girl to do sex even she is ready . At first start with kiss if she is ready to do it. Then start to talk in sexy way. Then I m sure that she will accept to do sex.
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Don't convince a girl to have sex! Seriously its stupid even though a guy did convince me by lying to me but I'm just too weak to let him go. So its very complicated but still don't convince a girl to have sex with you or she will regret it all her life like I do
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I was seduced my first time.  He was respectful and gentle, but VERY persistent.  Eventually, his persistence paid off.  IO started to say no and it came out "OK."  I was surprised at myself, but I had felt the urge before. 

I stripped my way up the steps and we made love in his bed.  It was a great first time , about as good as a girl's first time could be.  I have no regrets.

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You don't.

You do not ever coerce someone into having sex, whether they're a virgin or they've slept with literally everyone you know but you, whether you've been dating them for three hours or three years, or even if you are married to them. That is rape.

Unless she has expressed to you explicitly that she wants to but she's scared, you give up right now. If she HAS made such an assertion, then maybe I'll give you some advice (or rather tell you some useful information to pass onto her that might ease her fears). However, if you're just trying to convince her to have sex with you because you feel entitled to sex, get that thought out of your head right now.

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Don't be a whore! Save what God has given you for your wife. Being a
virgin is wonderful, pure vessel , Look at the body as a beautiful
garden, that only your mate can plant and grow beautiful sexual
blossoms that one day you will have children. The Hymen is a blood
covenant between you, and your spouse. Don't allow your body to be used for
sexual thievery. These sexual thieves want to make someone's sexual garden a
"Junkyard". You are not a sperm dumper at any site.!
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If you love someone then can't think about these dirty things. And both of you love each other then there is no need to think you both can't control urself and love each other and someday you both sexually attached whether you both tried to control urself...
I Love my jaan n respect more than love.
Don't get shamed your love.....
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That's not something which you should convince a girl (virgin or not) to do. Women should have the right to choose who they would like to engage in sexual intercourse with without any pressure from their peers or members of the opposite sex.
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Don't just let her decide .... I let a man decide and I regret it and I will all my life ... So just be supportive and just under stand that it is a big step and it will be painful for her ..... Just relax and it will happen one day ... Just talk to her don't pressure her just talk ... And I'm sure you will under stand how she feels

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