How ethical is it to go to a whorehouse, have sex with one girl, and then go again and have sex with a different girl?


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They don't mind in a whorehouse as it's all about the money. That's all they care about. It's a job for those ladies, so there is no emotional involvement. Ethical ? It's a whorehouse! LOL!!!

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Relations between sex workers and clients are considered a business transactions. As such, it can be assumed that it is not unethical to have sex with different girls who work there. It could however be argued that it is unethical to visit a whorehouse at all. It may also still impact the woman's feelings.

Why is unethical to visit a whorehouse?

  • One reason that it is considered unethical to visit a prostitute is because it is illegal in most places
  • Many of the women who work in whorehouse are often only doing so because of personal hardship, and often they feel they have no choice. It is also considered unethical to treat people as commodities.
  • By visiting a whorehouse you are supporting an industry which treats women as a commodity, and profits from their hardship. It is also a highly dangerous, and unregulated field.
  • Visiting a whorehouse also goes against common moral practice that sexual relations are an intimate act which should be reserved for people who wish to express a union and share an emotional connection.
  • The person who manages the prostitutes will also benefit significantly more than the sex worker.
  • Prostitution also goes against many religious practices.

Here is a short video which explores the life and story of one prostitute:

It is often debated how ethical it is to visit a whorehouse, as both parties are aware of the moral implications of their physical encounter, and it is supposedly 'mutual'. As, we see in the video, this is true of some sex workers.

However, the issue is much more complex than this, and most sex workers do not truly want to be in their line of work which brings the ethical aspect into question.

Prostitution is also linked to human trafficking, child abuse, sex abuse, violence, slavery, issues of equality, and exploitation, to name a few, all of which are considered highly unethical.

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