Crush wants to have sex and so do I. But he's had sex with like 10 girls and I'm still a virgin. He asked and I freaked and said I had had sex once. When we have sex is he gonna know that I lied?


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Most likely. This is because on your vagina you have a flap of skin called your hymen that is meant to protect you from outside diseases. When a female has sex for the first time or has something inserted into her vagina for the first time it either stretches or breaks depending on the person and some girls have it so thin that riding a bike or a horse could break it and some girls have a thicker one which will only stretch over time the less thick ones might rip and most after a while are gone completely. 

There is a chance that he won't be able to tell and the pain won't give you away because you don't always get used to the pain after one time, nor will you be an expert after the one time he believe happened. 

So if I were you I would tell him and hope he understands (which I'm sure he will. I mean it's not like he has never lied before) or do something to make your lie look like the truth. Good luck ! (: 

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Most guys don't know what they are doing well into their twenties even. And are you sure he has slept with that many girls? Guys like to multiply numbers sometimes... But yeah, no point putting pressure on yourself. Sex is supposed to be fun, you might not enjoy it if you're constantly worried about how many people he thinks you might have had sex with.. When the time comes, hopefully all that will be the last thing on your mind (;


Well being a virgin is a pretty cool thing. Especially because of the fact that you have the choice to give it to someone who is specia,l someone you love, who deserves it.  Some one that you could see spending the rest of your life with and growing old with. 

Some people do not get the option to give their virginity to the one they fall head over heels in love with so our virginity is a very special thing.  

When you feel the moment you will know it - you have to trust your heart and try to listen to the heart and not that feeling of adrenaline and hormones running wild.  Trust your heart and ask yourself if he is the one?  Do I want him to be the one I give my self to for the first time.  Some times it can be best for them to know because they may be more gentle. 

Men usually say they have been with more woman then they actually have been and they brag so that they look more alluring to woman,  but what they don't understand is woman don't really find that impressive.  Thing is I am sure he hasn't slept with 10 girls. 

I would also suggest getting some form of birth control and condoms,  you really do not want to get pregnant early at a young age or your first time having sex and never let a guy make you think you don't need one.  Because even if you are taking birth control it doesn't keep you from getting an STD.  And condoms can break.  Practice using condoms on banannas you put them on back ward and roll down make sure you put it on tip pointing up and roll down.  

And just remember a womans virginity is a special thing and when we give it to a man it is a special moment that both people should be able to enjoy emotionally. Love should be a factor .

Good luck and use protection, never without.  Remember you make them wear it. They may not like it but they will if you make them -  trust me don't give them the option and keep a condom on you at all times.  You never know when you will need them so very important.

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