I'm going to have sex with a guy who's had sex twice. I can't tell mum anything and that limits my options for contraceptives or any STI check-up. If we have sex with just a condom will it prevent the spread of STI's? Even if he's had sex twice?


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There is a chance you can still get STD's with a condom. Nothing is fool proof except abstinence. Think about it... The condom may protect himself from you but are YOU really protected? Also remember condoms break.

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He said only twice ? Most people downplay the amount of sexual partners that they have had. Don't let that sway you into a false sense of security.

No guarantee that a  condom will prevent diseases or herpes.

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Your mum is your best source of help.  Pity, you are throwing that away.  By all means, go to strangers on the Internet.  Brilliant.

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Well, no condom is guarantee to protect you. My advice is to refrain from having intercourse if you have to ask this on a website cause something tells me. 9 chances out of 10 , your not too schooled on what is going to happen or what is going to go on. Also, there is chances that a condom can break. As a Male this day and age i would not have intercourse with a Woman to we both can go get a physical examination to rule out that we are both free from any STD's,  it's better to be safe than to be sorry and I would urge her to get on contraceptive and or birth control . Plus i would get advice from a physician what is the best condom for a Male to use.

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I'm old school i don't believe in sex until after marriage . I come from Pennsylvania in US but do have conservative side and a Liberal side , i like to think of myself as a Moderate Democrat who has tendency to vote both parties.
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Best advice that I've ever heard. Eloquently written.
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Thank You Refreshme :) :) (((HUGS)))

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