I wrote this cute guy that telling him he's hot..so he writes back but, only once..he's never seen me..and in away he make's me think of someone..could be just like that person..The point is I want sex with him..how do i get him to want sex with me?


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First, if there is no emotional connection and you both are just
physically attracted to each other and you all have sex , do not expect a
relationship afterwards.

Second make sure it is a real person or they
are who you think they are so you aren't barking up the wrong tree.
Third guys are always down for sex so just straight up ask him.

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Don't have sex with someone if you don't know them. Chances are you'll regret it. Sometimes only wanting a physical relationship with someone isn't always a good thing. I think you should find someone you really like get to know them and then have the intimate part come in. Best of luck to you.

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