How To Be Attractive To Guys?


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I mostly agree with fro... Friendliness and a sincere smile are the most attractive features in any one.

Of course, I don't know your age group and circumstances, and in school most guys attractions are governed by their hormones, and any girl they think "puts out" may be popular, but after school, they remember that reputation, and those same girls are the ones they don't want to make any commitments to.
But any guys with even a small level of maturity still like to see acceptance in your eyes and a smile. I'd take that over blonde hair and a big chest any day!
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Don't wear too much make-up, but look like you try to look your best.
Be confident in yourself - but NOT stuck on yourself - and appear comfortable in public whether you're dolled-up, or wearing sweats and a pony-tail
Show kindness to other girls, especially the ones considered homely or less popular
Smile like you're friendly, not forced or with sarcasm

Even if you're not attracted to a particular guy and don't want to go out with him, you can still be friendly, because... Even the most popular guys don't like a b*tch. They may like your body and want to experience it, or they may want the status of being with the pretty, popular girl, but unless they're totally shallow too, in the long run, once they've had you, they've had enough.
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Go to the Beach there you can make them run after you.

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