What Does A Woman Find Attractive In A Man?


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As for myself is concerned I'd more look after the inner sense of the men than their external appearance. I'd like a man if he is rough enough to face any situation, if he is prepared for all kinds of problems, if he has spontaneity, if he has kindness, if he was able to control himself in the issues of his counterpart (females). For e.g.: I love the character of Sherlock Holmes..I die for his qualities. I literally love him. If such a character is faced by any girl in her real life, she'll be attracted naturally.
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A woman can find anything attractive in a man.

She can find the way he runs his hand through his hair attractive and she can even find the way he looks at his watch attractive. Every woman feels differently and every woman has a different criteria for the word 'attractive' when it comes to a man.

Some might find a man's voice attractive and the others might be attracted to the way he laughs. You have to decide yourself what it is that turns you on in a man or what attracts you the most in a man.

It could be anything from his head to toe.It doesn't always have to be something that is visible to the eyes. It might be the way he feels about you or expresses his feelings for you in a romantic way. It might be his anger or the time he winks. It could even be the way he dresses up or takes care of himself. It could also be the post he is at professionally.It could be his way of flirting with ease or his being able to manage everything that you can think of. It could be anything.
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A cute smile, confidence, humour.
What girls do not like is a negative attitude, or over confidence.
And a girl once in a while loves when you call her cute, beautiful, ect.
But make sure you don't over due it.
A girl in general just loves it if you be yourself!
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Humor. Humor is a big factor personally. Being respectful is important too. Being confident is good but really, I think you should just be yourself and the right woman will come to you. Every woman has her own taste, so you might be her THE ONE.

Just be patient and go out there. I mean, she's not gonna come knocking on your door.

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Muscles! I think guys who do flips are cool. If a guy has good humor and personality, it doesn't matter what he looks like. What the guys I like have in common though are cute eyes, good hair, and good tan.

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Well women find many attractive things in a man; different women have different perspective to see a man but in general, First of all, the first look of a man should be attractive. He must be decent, must be well dressed and his physical actions like talking method must be good.

Moreover some female like white complexion men, some like normal complexion while female in west like black complexion.Mostly female like tall and handsome males, the height is most important and attractive thing for women. The overall looks of a man should be very balance, if a man is tall and have very good complexion, but his teeth are just coming out of his mouth then, his whole personality become down and his tallness and complexion will be wasted and of no use.

This was all about the physical appearance, now about the behavior. So mostly women like man with very polite and friendly behavior, who can understand and give them attention.
One more thing which is attractive for some type of women, the most attractive thing for them is wealth. If the man is wealthy and have good status in society then, man figure, behavior, complexion not matter. For that type of females, only the money is important thing not any other thing is important.
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Intelligence honesty good hygiene humor interest's
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All girls look for something different, but me, personally, I like guys who are intelligent and have a good sense of humor. I don't really care about looks I mean I know most girls go for guys who are super muscular and have abs, but that doesn't really matter. I just would like him to be healthy and love to be active. Also, it would be nice if we share the same interests in music and such because it would make us more compatible.

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Honey, it depends what you are looking for. But I like bad boys with a sense of humour, treats me with respect and who doesn't hurt me.

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Girls like it when you look really good and don't use too much hair gel some guys look like a barbie doll when they have gel in there hair and you have to be really hot not ugly like michael jackson
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Their muscular their NOT full of themselves humble kind NOT pimps or players their nice looking pleasant  have good hygiene and smell nice obviously look hot dress well don't wear pants wear boxers and are hot

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