If a guy who is attracted to a woman in a mysterious way does that mean he is sexually attracted to her without any logical explanation why?


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If in a mysterious way do you mean be shaking like a Polaroid picture ?  Let's go dance again while we contemplate this question ... Shake it :) I'm having so much fun remembering this song :) 

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Not necessarily sexually attracted.

A guy (man) may be attracted to a girl with long hair simply because his mother had long hair when she met his needs for him as a baby and infant and yet have no idea why he now attracted to this girl who has long hair.

Whether we are attracted to something sexually has to do with what became eroticized for us as we grew up---and we may not be aware of the connection.

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Well of course, but it doesn't necessarily "mean" that.

All heterosexual males are "hardwired" to see all females as potential mates.

I'm 71. Over my lifetime I have been attracted to a number of women in a mysterious way (and I still am with occasional new acquaintances), but there are very, very few that involved even the thought of a sexual relationship on my part.
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Oh wow! Have you ever heard of the actress named Barbara Bilingsley?
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Honestly, I didn't remember ever having heard of her.

I looked her up and she was acting when I was a young child. I don't ever remember her in any movies I saw.

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