Do seventy year old men find 70 year old women sexually attractive, and does an older man's imagination age as rapidly as his body?


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I can't answer for a 70 yr. Old man, but I would think most prefer to look at younger women.
I'm sure it's B-because in their imagination they R still a much younger man & can handle that younger woman. They could still be sexually attracted to a 70 yr. Old woman, too....especially if they happen to be in love with her. And some 70 yr. Old woman have taken the best care of themselves, so that also helps.
A man's libido tends not to fade the same as an older woman's does. The hormones R different. Plus...they have Viagra, etc., they R feeling their oats.
He may not be 18 anymore.....n' have the hormones of a raging Bull, but his desires usually remain intact.

No. I don't think an older man's imagination ages as fast as his body does. We all like to think our bodies R as young as we feel we R in our brains. Men & women alike.

How many times have you said to yourself..."Oh yeah, I can climb that hill, no problem." Then you do it & your so out of breath you want to fall over....Never mind how you huff n' puff after having sex. LOL
Like "Eye" said...It's a lot more fun to look at a 35 yr. Old's body, than a 70 yr. Old's. Doesn't mean you can still handle it !!

I have no idea what age bracket a man starts to feel that a woman his age is too old for him. I'd guess somewhere around their midlife crisis. Possibly somewhere around 45 - 50 yrs. Old.

Feel lucky your still breathin' n' hopefully not in a wheelchair. ( or worse )
Relax & enjoy your later years. An' if you still "got it"...Good for you. Enjoy  it !!
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That question seems better answered by a 70 year old man.  My husband is 70 so I put the question to him.  His answer:  Some 70 year old women are attractive and some are not just as there are some 35 year old women who are attractive and some who are not.  Thankfully, he finds at least one 67 year old lady attractive!!  Smile!  As to the imagination (as well as in the dream state), he is still 40 years old.
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Sure if thats all they can find but most still think they can attract the younger ones
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Of course not, there's no fun in that. Do you think 50 year old women find 50 year old men attractive? Personally I prefer to gaze at the 35 years old!!! Lol...human nature!
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I'd have to wait 12 years,but as a 58 year old,I personally like the 50 to 60 year olds.
My imagination has raced ahead of my body

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