I feel like i still love my girlfriend but my mind is making me think i dont love her the same anymore and i dont know what to do?


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After awhile in any relationship, the way you feel about someone changes. At the beginning it's exciting and all you can think about is the other person. It's not supposed to stay that way, that sort of 'love' has no depth and isn't sustainable. If you still think you love her, embrace the changes and explore this new part of your relationship. Relationships are always challenging, but believe me, the rewards of working hard to figure it all out, are sooooo worth the effort.
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Follow your heart or right down what you love about her is it body brains what see if the good out weighs the bad.
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If you feel that you don't have feelings for her anymore, than I suggest sitting her down, explaining it to her, and telling her you need a break. And then maybe those feelings could come back later on in the future.
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Andrew Soto
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But its just when im not with her. I still want her forever but i think its all in my head and maybe wat i need is a little space to be able to miss her because imlike basically talking to her 24/7 nd see her during school everyday

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