Do Women Find Men With Shaved Heads Attractive?


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edward tinch answered
Yes, just a preference I suppose. There is just something about a bald head. But it only looks good for some guys not all.
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nettie answered
Yeah it looks better than partly bald and strands pushed around trying to cover the bald,check those actor that do the shave thing and look very appealing to the ladies,men are doing it more and more now days,young men start to bald early and they go for the shaved look and they look handsome plus very conservative...
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I'm sure they do I'm sure many women love it
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Anonymous answered
Women have their preference of their ideal man, being bald isn't a big deal. You will truly find the right girl if she loves you for you not because you don't have hair. Some of my aunts married bald men because they make them happy and that they have a great personality. Women love a man with a good sense of humor and a great personality to go with it, looks should be a bonus not a requirement
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Anonymous answered
Love is not based on looks but from within.  I am not one for bald heads but my son is bald and I don't love him any less.  I would take a bald man, with a genuine heart than a man with lots of hair who is not genuine.
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Paul Gregory answered
Well the theory is that baldness is a bi product of high testostrone and if this is true he wont be thinking about does she like him or not he will just like a raging bull go for it an wont sit around mulling over having a bald head ...if this doesn't give you a good kick into reality try " Horny Goat Weed" a sure fire IGNITER.
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Theres nothing wrong with bald guys, unless they have a comb over lmao
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Lynne Dwyer answered
Some women do. I know a couple of men that shave their heads, just for that reason. Can't keep women away. I wouldn't do it for that reason though.
Ashley Foster Profile
Ashley Foster answered
It all depends on the shape of the guy's head! Also, someone very tan will look good too. However, having a full head of hair is the most attractive to me.
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Barbie Kiss answered
I think bald men are sexy some of the hottest male celebrities are bald like Bruce Willis or Jason Statham or Vin Diesel. There is nothing wrong with being bald so don't fret you will find a woman that will love you for who you are.

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