What should men wear to attract women?


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My opinion only. A man should be freshly showered, clean shaven, hair cut to a reasonable length, wear clean undergarments, be obliged to use a deodorant and a nice cologne is always a nice touch too.  He should wear clothes that make him look presentable and most definitely not sloppy embarrassing looking filthy ghetto clothing. He should speak in, as is possible, an articulate manner. Wear a smile, be genteel, polite and gracious. You only have one time to make a good first impression.  Please, you must understand me, I am a product of the "days of olde."
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Seems women always do go for the filthy ghetto look. Then, later on, wonder why they are single moms and why there are no good men out there. It's very disappointing and doesn't make sense! Great answer. I strongly support your opinion! (i also would prefer the victorian era - but with the internet!)
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Dnh107,-------------------- Well the Victorian ere was from 1837–1901, and the phone was invented in 1876, so you didn't have a computer but had the alternatives, you could use the telephone OR telefriend to communicate.
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The "days of olde" need to come back! Maybe some of the teens out there (including me) would learn how to treat each other with respect without sounding like idiots.
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A nice fitting pair of jeans and a pull over shirt (tucked in) usually catches my attention, assuming he has a nice build.  It should go without saying (but it doesn't any longer) that the guy needs a nice haircut, and a white (meaning not dirty) pair of sneakers or un-scuffed boots.  If the hair is cut and clean, leave off the ball cap so that it does not hide your eyes.
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I'd say it depends on the lady.  Rarely does a lady want a guy with jeans sagging down to their ankles, so I'd go with nice fitting jeans.  Not to tight, but not so loose they're falling off (or else wear a belt). 
I've always been attracted to the button up shirt look, or just a t-shirt: Plain or with a nice design.  A button up t-shirt (buttons undone) over a long sleeve shirt is also attractive, at least to me.  I'm not sure if it really is to anyone else ^.^ .  A shirt with a funny saying on it is amusing, but it's not necessarily something that makes me want to date a guy. 
Like people who have answered before, clean clothes are very important.  Obviously there are times to be messy (such as just getting off work at a mechanics) and times to wear clean clothes (going on a date/being in large crowds of people who will not be in dirty garb). 
Clean hair is important.  Not a girl I know is attracted to the greasy/messy hair look, (although some ladies like the wet hair look, but don't be mistaken.  The I-haven't-showered-in-a-couple-of-weeks hair is completely different from the wet hair look). 
I'd say just be yourself.  Wear clothing that suits you best.  Don't wear short shorts and a stained white tank top if you're trying to impress a lady, but don't go over board trying to look like someone you're not.
Hope I helped.  Sorry it came out so long, I didn't intend for it at first O.O
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The 1st thing they should wear is a smile. Then the clean clothes, showered, neatly shaved or trimmed if have facial hair. A nice cologne, but not swimming in it is also good. And it doesn't hurt to have something nice to say to her. That helps a lot.

Women do not like a smelly, dirty looking man. It gives them the impression that he is lazy & women don't like lazy. We're looking for a man who can take care of us, so to speak. Even if we wind up being the breadwinner of the two.

I don't care what generation your from. Women are attracted to clean.
We don't like imagining anything that stinks or is dirty hanging all over us. Yuck !!
It's like bugs...We don't like bugs either. (most of us)
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Nice jeans and if you have a nice body wear an open shirt and girls love it when they wera cologne
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Jack Mahon
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You yourself would be the incentive alone for them to look spiffy if the girls were all as pretty as you.
Jack Mahon
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I don't know if you were serious or not, but calling attention to Tay_toe's misspelling of the word "wear." is pettiness. That' genius, is called a TYPO, and you my friend are the first two legged one I've ever encountered.
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Well, Technically, a Male shouldn't wear anything to Attract a Female, only his Natural Body can do that, and same with the Females, if they want to attract a Male, Clothes aren't the answer, because they just hide one's Natural Beauty. They shouldn't be afraid to show their Natural Bodies because it is Natural, though you Humans today think otherwise.... Sexy Clothes don't make you Sexier, they just hide your Natural Body, or Cover your Natural Area up, which to me is Un-Natural... I don't wear clothing at all, I am "Naked" all the time, and same with my Brothers and Sisters in the Realm, they don't judge one another by what Clothes they wear, because we Don't need clothes, we are always in our Natural bodies, that is how God Saw his Children, and technically, your Clothing is taking away your Precious Resources that you desperately need, such as Oil By-Products in Clothes. Plastic and such.
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Thanks Lisanasi.
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I have never been in a place were showing your Natural Body was something people were used to. To me it sounds interesting to wear just your Natural Body but what do you do when it gets colder and your not warm enough?
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Depends On The Weather  If Cold.. Nice Jeans And A Nice Tee Shirt. Nice Sandals  Or Shoes Have On Old Spice Or English Leather..  A Nice Haircut Not Too Short    If It's Hot.. Shorts  And Tank Top.. With English Leather Or Old Spice  Sandals .Nice Haircut Not Too Short  A Nice Smile Helps A Lot.. I Love Reds  Sapphire Blues, And Gold Shirts On Guys.. Doesn't Need A Tie
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First be willing to change.  Be willing to let go of your way of dress for a moment. Be willing to change your hair style  as well if need be.

The next thing is buy some high fashion men's magazines. Learn styles, brands, and what looks good and what doesn't.  DON'T pay attention to the prices of these clothes shared in these magazines. Once you find clothing styles you like hit the malls, discount retailers, and thrift shops.

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Pants that don't sag down to their knees and shirts that are actually the right size and possibly show some muscles (if they have any worth seeing). I personally like it when guys wear pants that are the right size to stay on without a belt or having to hold them up, even when the guy is running
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I would say to all the guys/men reading this wear something that makes you look good but not a slob, definately something your comfortable in, being able to see someone eyes is good but glasses and hats can work too, make sure your clothes and shoes are clean and smell good, the same thing goes for your body (hair, teeth, etc.), Always remember to dress your personality and to the ocassion . ^_^

*If your confused about anything ask a girl/women for advice on how you look and how to dress your personality without looking like a slob.
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Depends on the girl/woman. The glory of God would attract the right woman. A cartier diamond(watch ,ring) mite attract the wrong one and a real rolex mite attract a oksana or a lorena. I would say wear what your comfortable in and that doesn't break any common sense laws.becasue if you wear what your not comfortable in you will not be comfortable in the relationship/dating.you will always be showing a false facade and the girl/woman will always be expecting it.what's that show on pbs keeping up appearances.in other words live within your means.
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Well, I am NOT so stuck on what he SHOULD wear; but, rather the things he should NOT wear and the things he should NOT do....NO spitting allowed!!
First, he should NOT wear anything sagging as to reveal something that I should ONLY see in the bedroom. Secondly, no wifebeater shirts especially if I am in a restaurant....they are permitted only if doing yardwork. However, I believe a smart man would wear long sleeves to keep skin cancer away when doing outdoor activites.
What would attract me is a nice fitting pair of jeans (that's hard though cuz MOST men don't have a good round shaped bottom) and a nice cowboy shirt tucked in the jeans...just wear clothes like George Strait and that might shoot me to the moon!!
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All i would want is a big smile on his face
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I'll be down to get ya in a taxi honey, then we'll trip the lights fantastic, Maybe that talk's a bit ancient , how bout," I'll see ya in an hour baby and we'll just hang out."
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I would ask my wife what to wear
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I don't have to ask, when we go out ,my wardrobe is all assembled and ready to don. I have no choices.
William Harkin
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If i don something she doen't approve of,she soon let's me know!women?
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He obviously doesn't have a wife, he is trying to get one!
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Wife beater
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Jack Mahon
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Well the Victorian ere was from 1837–1901, and the phone was invented in 1876, so you didn't have a computer but had the alternatives, you could use the telephone OR telefriend.
dnh 107
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You know your history; very good. (i have a very profound interest in that subjcet as well.) what i was trying to say, though, was that i thought it would be really neat to live in victorian times (no running water, no cell phones, no cars, etc.) but still, somehow, have the internet!

Btw - also of interest is that according to statistics from 1910 (100 yrs. Ago) only 8 percent of homes in u.s. Had a telephone!
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Id probably wear a good fitting pair of levi jeans and a nice tee shirt,new white sneakers and a light clean cut trim of hair on the face
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Apparently wearing red triggers blood flow in a woman's brain which reminds them of sex. I dunno.
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Absolutely nothing!!! Lolz, well if he has a nice set of abs (like me ;) then a muscle shirt should do it with a pair of jeans. If your kinda heavy set or not super muscular then wear a business suit. It gives the impression that ur rich.
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I think man should wear the type of colors  which attract girls and very easily he can make them fool.
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All women have different ideas on what makes a man look smart. It also depends on the occassion also. Personally I like a man in a smart suit and collar and tie.  Oh, and his shoes must be well polished.
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He should wear something nicely,, not too much crowded with accessoriesjust a simple, but tidy
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They say that women are atracked to red. I dont think that is true but if u look REALLY good in it then go for but if not then forget it. But it depends were u're at.
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The style most men are expected to wear:::which is cleaned-up-casual ,,which is button down-to casual tees ..and straight legged pants,doesn't have to be skinny even though that is the trend.///// it might sound superficial but it is true ,,the first thing most women notice about a guy is his shoes ,so make sure you can check that off the list ...but other than that what really matters is hygiene -good breath,clean hair,clean clothes,clean face/ect. BUT MOST OF ALL/// a girl shouldn't care what you wear it's not important, but first impressions are! >:)
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Always stick with the classics but it depends on what type of woman you want to attract and age, 1st and formost you have to be confortable and what ever gives you the most confidence.
best regards

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