What Tips Do You Suggest For Attract Men On A Night Out? I Just Want To Have Some Fun.


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You've heard it all before...don't go out purposefully "on the pull" or you'll end up either a) going home with some loser who wants to take advantage of you or b) you'll go home alone because you tried to hard. Instead you should use a bit of female intelligence and make your night out a great one by being clever with the way you attract men.

1) Use eye contact as your primary tool. If you see someone you like the look of, don't march straight over to him - he might be busy. Instead, use your eyes to give him the "come hither" look, by making contact for around 3-5 seconds - don't stare though or he might think he has a bit of his dinner stuck to his face. Make sure your look is sultry and a bit cheeky. Once you've done the eye contact, ignore him. Don't keep on looking over at him or he will probably think you are a bit strange. Make yourself mysterious and if he's interested, he'll come and speak to you to find out more about you.

2) You should always act completely aloof. Ever noticed that when you're coupled up you seem to attract more men? It's because you're giving off a very genuine impression that you're unavailable - and therefore not constantly scanning the room for suitable pulling partners. Men pick up on this aloofness, as it appears far more attractive when a woman seems nonchalant about herself.

3) Attend to your appearance. If you make the effort to style your hair, carefully apply flattering make-up (don't overdo it) and buy clothes which look great on you, you'll automatically feel better about yourself. When you feel attractive from the inside, as cheesy as it sounds, others will notice it from the way you carry yourself. Remember too that feeling comfortable is equally important. Don't squeeze yourself into a tiny dress and stilettos unless you can feel comfortable all evening, and look great.

4) Laugh at men's jokes. If you've just starting chatting to a guy and he's cracking a few lines on you, make an effort to humour him. Men absolutely love to entertain women - in fact most of the time this is their first tactic to grab your attention. If you like him enough, it's worth laughing at his jokes - even if they aren't as funny as he might think they are!

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