How To Attract A 17 Year Old Boy?


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17 Year old boys think about naked women all the time. The hormones at that age are crazy. If you want to get his attention. Draw attention to your body. Wear clothing that conforms to your body showing off your curves. Make sure you SMILE when you see him look your way. Even if you don't look at him right away.

He looks your way. You notice out of the corner of your eye so you smile. Then turn to him and check him out. Start with your head low and move up so direct eye contact right when you turn doesn't divert his eyes right away. If you move slow he might not divert his eyes right away. (guys try not to get caught checking girls out.... Most do at least). When you turn stop your gaze mid-way to his face (chest area somewhere), make sure you are smiling, then look into his eyes.

You will create a spark or moment in the class or where ever you are now. If everything goes well, he will feel it. Hopefully, you attract his attention long enough for him to wonder what it would be like to be with you. Then just keep reminding him with subtle bumps or glances.

He will get the point, unless he is emotionally stupid about reading body language. Unfortunately, some men are.

Good luck

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