What does it mean when a guy does not look at other girls when he is dating you?


5 Answers

Elisha Hildebrand Profile
That he loves you and only you.
John Profile
John answered
It means your not fast enough to catch him doing it. Hahahahahaha : ) all men look,but that does not mean anything either. Men are geared to look at their surroundings,as the saying goes they are natural born hunters,so they are constantly surveying the area/scanning anything that moves or should i say anything that effects one of their God given senses. Other wise we would walk into walls face first all the time . : ) or step in something that we did not smell. Hahahaha.believe me he is looking all the time,but if he is with you then he is with you or he would not be sitting near/with you.
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Then you found the only "true blue" guy out here
Jil Blue Profile
Jil Blue answered
Why would you want him to? Obviously...your enough.

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