What Does It Mean When A Guy Stares At You And You're A Girl?


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Kilee Trinnaman Profile
Kilee Trinnaman answered
Well it probably means he like you but it could also mean something was on you
Zak Savinski Profile
Zak Savinski answered
Well,there are a few reasons for that,either he likes you,he thinks your pretty, or he likes to mentally rape girls (not to be nasty or anything,but some guys minds work that way). He could like you,he could like your looks,or maybe you make his day everytime he sees you.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Run for the hills!!! Hes trying to play mind games on you!
krystell krystellxxxxx Profile
krystell krystellxxxxx , he finds you pretty or attractive, answered

I assuming he thinks you are pretty. And he just can't look away.

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