What Does It Mean When A Girl Stares At Another Girl? I'll Turn & Look Over At Her & She Is Looking Right Into My Eyes. I Asked Her Out But She Said She Likes Guys. What Does This Mean? She Still Stares.


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I think she is intrigued by your attraction but something insider her is holding her back. This may be the first time a girl took interest in her. Give it time and don't push for anything to happen just be yourself and her friend.
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I think she envy's you. Like's something of you & willing to copy you. I see this it happens to me and my bff. -no homo-
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Sounds like she is in denial
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Excuse me but just because a girl looks at another girl does not mean that she's in denial. If she is bi/lesbian then she probably knows but just hasn't told anyone yet. They might just be afriad of hate crimes and predjudices done against them, so don't just go around saying that she's in denial. It's a bit offending when people make that assumption so quickly. Not only straight people use the internet. I don't see why you think you can just type something like that and think that no one'll see
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I agree with Apewill, she said sound like she is in denial, she didn't say that this was the only answer, and some people just need to calm down, nothing was said here in a mean or spiteful manner...get a grip
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It probably just means that she thinks you look pretty. Just because a girl stares at another girl DOES NOT mean that they're bi/lesbian. She might just be looking and making eye contact. I see people look at other people's eyes all hte time, so it could be that too. If she is making eye contact, then it's probably just to show that you're being acknowledged. 

But there is still the posibility that she is lesbian and hasn't come out of the closet yet. Some people can be very sensitive about that, so don't ask her if she is or not, and don't let her see you saying anything about it either.

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First of all calm down...second of all this site is for ALL peoples opinion (even ones YOU may not agree with) to help others, it is VERY possible that this person could be in denial, IDID NOT say that it was the ONLY possible reason, so please don't feel the need to comment back on some one else's comment just because you don't agree with what they have said
by the way check the end of your too said there was a possibility of them being gay....OH NO SHAME ON YOU!
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She may not like you, or she thinks you might have/know something she doesn't. I'm a boy, so I may not be correct.

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