This cute girl stared at me when I looked the other way. When I looked back she turned away. When I looked back in the other direction she looked at me again. When I caught her she looked away. Does she like me?


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Ancient Hippy Profile
Ancient Hippy answered

She either likes you or she wants to eat you for dinner.

Nice Girl Profile
Nice Girl answered

Oh yeah bro she likes you! Even I do that some times! Some boys are so charming that you just wanna stare them the whole day!

Claire MotherofPetey Profile

She LIKES you!!!

Gena Lorainne Profile
Gena Lorainne answered

This is very common with us. It means we want to see something located behind you, but when you look in our directions we don't want you to think we like you.

Phineous J. Whoopee Profile

It could mean she thinks you look like someone else she knows.

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