There is this girl who looks at me all the time but talks to everyone else besides me. She looks at me a ton but does not speak even though im right near her sometimes. What does this mean?


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Sounds like she's shy. Why don't you start a conversation with her? Take the initiative and speak up. The worst thing that could happen might be if she told you to buzz off, but I don't think she will.

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She may seem to talk to everyone .. But that "everyone" may be people she already knows .. You are different because she doesn't know you and may be just shy. Obviously you've made no attempt to talk to her either. .. Have you got the same problem?

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Yeah dude, its really hard for me to talk to her only because I really have no chance to do so. And about that first comment, she talks to people she doesn't know and literally just does not talk to me at all LOL.
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Honestly, I can relate  a lot to that. It might be a shy thing, or that you look unapproachable. LOL I remember I could NOT make eye contact with or talk to my crush in 7th grade because he just seemed too cool or I got nervous around him. And sometimes it happened with just normal people. If you start a conversation, maybe she'll open up right away :)

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What do you mean by "you look unapproachable"?
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Maybe you don't sit facing her, make eye contact, smile or something else to do with body language? You might not even be aware of this!

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