How Do I Get Over A Crush?


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Take a look in the sea dear & see how many fish are there waiting for you!...♥Nassy

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Sorry that you are in this situation. There is someone out there for you, and it will take a little while, but you will get there. I am also sure that when you find her, she will make you happier than you could imagine. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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If possible, you need to create some distance. Don't rush to fast to find someone. There may be someone right around the corner, but you need to browse the shop windows before getting to the end of the street.
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Ya just need to move on and find someone who will fill that void in your life.. Good luck..ReeRee
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It is difficult because I am around her a large amount of time and I have never met her boyfriend.
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Full text: I am very attracted to a woman I know, but she has already been snapped up and seems happy in her relationship which has lasted for a few years. I am constantly thinking about her, but I would rather that these feelings would vanish and I would be able to just be her friend. I don't think that she knows because I do not give anything away. She is out of my league, but I am hoping that the right girl will come a long soon who is single, but still carries many of the attributes she does.
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I have the same problem, only its over a boy. Since he found out i liked him he hasnt spoken to me at all and its made me really upset. But with girls, some try to be nice about it including me and just sit and talk about it and explain, others are just bitches. But if she has a boyfriend, she might just like you as a friend. If you think it will never happen, just keep your friendship because you never know what it might turn into one day. And plus, most girls like the attention :P hope this helped
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The worst advice to hear but the truest-- time heals all wounds. Know this from experience
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I am surrounded by this girl almost everyday. Are you saying that in time I will lose interest? Because at the moment my adoration only grows.
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You have to know that it's probably better this way. Then focus on something other than him. Just move on to the next one, and it will all be fine
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If you really want to care for her, enjoy the fact she IS happy and in what sounds like astable relationship. If you can do this you will be a step above most people my friend, some times acceptance is the only way over a issue. Good luck, rob.

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