How Do I Get Over A First Love? Or What Signs Are There To Know If I Should Get Over Him?


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It is very difficult for both partners to get over a 'first love'. Experts say that this is because first love happens when both partners are extremely young and inexperienced, and when love happens in all its glorious Technicolor, and young and fresh hormones start to play their part too, then both partners will be struck don hard by Cupid's arrow, and it is often impossible to forget this 'first love'.

However, if both of you have moved on to fresher pastures, then it is high time you stopped mooning over this past love, and concentrated on what is to come! You know, thinking about and dreaming about the past is never a great idea; it will only make you feel unhappy with your present situation, and make you yearn for what was not, and can never be.
Move on, girl!
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Getting over a first love is never easy but it's a time that you must stand strong and be bold, regardless of how much it hurts. You still have a life to live and I know it may not be easy living your life without your first love in it but somehow and someway it's up to you to do it! Things happen for a reason! Sometimes we all have to accept the fact that if something isn't meant to be it's just not meant to be!

Even though you're going through a rough time right now, still remain strong and keep you're head up. Hurt heals within time. Pretty soon it won't hurt as much but it will take some time. This may have been a lesson learned for you and if it has hopefully it taught you some things. There are no easy answers for getting over your first love...It's a time capacity...Time heals pain. If he wasn't meant for you, then someone else will be. So remain the strong woman you are and you will get through your heartbreak successfully in due time...Wish you all the best.
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Some people really never get over there first loves you always will have a little something for them but you grow more when you met that right person. Will you should never daydream of them because you will always think what if that bad just remember why you broke up. Go out with friend start date again just take what you learned for your brake up so that in some way or another it will help.  Number one rule never talk about you ex with someone new because that will make then kind of weird.
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If it was a long time ago get over it you both split for a reason. I went back to my first love with lots of daydreams of what might have been and believe me BIG MISTAKE !!! It is hard at first buy try not to bump into him and think out of sight out of mind. good luck

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