My Boyfriend's Ex (she's His First Love) Dumped Him 4 Years Ago And He's Still Hurt. What Can I Do About This?


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My boyfriend was in love with his ex girlfriend too and I feel like I'm not worth his time and I'm never good enough for him and that he will go back to her one day. Its a Sukey feeling but since your boyfriend still hurts . Dump him!?! He shouldnt be with someone if he's not over his ex by now.
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That is so true. He is probably using you to forget her. He needs time by himself to figure out who he truely loves. Obviously is not you he loves. Atleast not so much to make him forget his past.
Its hard for a man or women to get over their first love especially if they was dumpped by them. If you really love him you should stay by his side and try to make him realize you are important to. I'm not saying be known fool. I'm going to put it like this... Don't do something thats going to hurt you.
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If he is still hooked on her, then he's not worth your time. He is apparently still in love with this girl. There are plenty of other "fish in the sea!" You just need to give them a chance.
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Tell him to get over it, it was 4 yrs ago. If he can't why should you stay and waste your time if his heart is somewhere else.
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You can't sort it out, it's something that was between him and her.

All you can do is work on the relationship you have here and now with him. Make it as good as you can (rewarding and positive for both of you). The better your relationship is now, together, the less he'll miss whatever he had with her. Maybe he'll come to realise it's time to move on -- but he's got to figure that out for himself.

And maybe he always will miss something about that first love, but at least he doesn't look back on her in shame or embarrassment.

Not only all that, but the odds are one day you'll break up with this guy. So try to make sure that he will be able to look back on your times together and think that it was worthwhile in his life to have been close to you. That's a pretty good result, as relationships go.
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If he Loves you like he says he does then he would be able to let his past go & Love you. Its hard getting your heart broken by a person you thought loved you but there is a reason why they drifted apart. To meet you.

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