My Boyfriend Dumped Me, What To Do?


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You should forget him. The guy who rejected you couldn't be the part of your life. Though you have love and affection for him but you must forget him. If suppose you could be together again then you can't be sure that he will not dump you again. So meet people and find your love.
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All of our relationships, good and bad, add up to create part of the person we become. There is no point in getting involved in another relationship when you are still hurting over the previous one. The loss of a relationship is something that requires a period of grieving. The loss needs to be felt and then there is a period of time where you begin to heal and after that you will want to have another relationship. Grieve a while. Share your grief with a good friend.

Then when you are feeling a bit stronger get out there and get involved in other things that are of interest to you. Become a volunteer to help in one of your interest areas. Join a soccer team - whatever. You can gain power within yourself from the grief and become stronger. Respect yourself and don't settle for anything less than your dreams.
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Just move on. Life goes on. Many men don't know what they want. If they have someone good to them then they are scared or don't want any real relationships. But if date woman isn't good for him, then that's just an excuse to go get another woman. So be strong. It's normal for you to still have feelings for him, but don't let your feelings interfere with your life because you may find someone better; who'll give you security, pleasure, the love that you need, and a problem solver who'll help you when you r down and angry. You will find that mate soon. Most ladies seem to be more mature and stable than us men. Keep you head up and pray and have faith.
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Well my boyfriend dumped me tonight actually :|
all you got to on is move on, everyone knows that some point in there life it will happen and you have to be prepared.
Its alright to cry, just never let him see you like that, and he will realise what a dick he has been hopefully and then its your call to take him back or move on :)
hope thinks get better though :)
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My boyfriend  dumped me I just smiled at him every time I saw him and he asked me out again and I said yes and we have being going out with him for 2 years now just because  I smile at him every time I see him
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Wow, that's a great occasion to celebrate!

You're absolutely free, my dear. There are few options i offer you.  First of all, get drunk. Vine, good vine. Watch funny serials, relax. Play some games - they are the best antidepressants. Look here for variants for cool card gamblings. Eat white chocolate and enjoy your freedom!

Happy for you :)

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My boyfriend is planning on dumping me ,should I just walk away or try and get him back???
                  {I JUST LOVE HIM SO MUCH!}
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I love my boyfriend so much and he still loves me but it is not working cause my best friend takes him away from me and we can't talk much cause we are not in the same lessons and I really love him
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Well then try to get over him and no matter what don't let him know it affected you in any way possible I mean the same thing happened 2 me! But he dumped me for my best friend and like they are going out and I have some else in my life 2 but still because I loved him alott and still do and he says he does and I believe him but still hes going pout with my best friend and he says that she was being really pushy and stuff but still how could they do that to me? And well I love my boyfriend but still he made me feel important and loved and like if there was nobody else in the world in his eyes but then dumped me and well I didnt want 2 cry but I did and he doesnt know that so he thinks everything is okay but wow! Because I really did love him and he did 2 but my friend even when we were going out would hugg all up on him in my face but he did care because it was me he cared about ! So then yeah they are going and don't let the guy know that you still have feeling for him because if not you are just going to be the rebound for him so don't let him know that ! Don't let him see you suffering! Thats all I can say about what I know but I' ve got a website that gives advice so you can catch me on that!! This is jbugS!
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I loved my boy friend more than anything. I wanted to die lying in his lap.He too was in love with me.But he does not want me.He says he is not financially strong and so many other things.Still, I love him madly even though he will never come back to me. I just love him...

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