My boyfriend dumped me and i really miss him . What can i do to get him back?


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Claudia Goodwin answered
Ok, you need to show that HE needs you. Play hard to get. Flirt with his friends when he is around, and always look confident. If you don't get him back then he wasnt meant to be, :)
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Maddie answered
My answer will be along the lines of Goodwin's. Never look sad or hung up about something. Seem happy and natural and laugh a lot with your friends when he is around. If he starts to talk to you a little bit again, give him short answers and blow him off every time by getting "distracted" by something so that there are no more long conversations. If he wants to talk to you, then why did he dump you? It's his problem. Yess flirt with his friends.
But then again, not every guy is worth it so if he's going to be a jerk and get another girlfriend, let him go. And don't hate the girlfriend; she may have no idea you exist, she probably wouldn't know that you ever went out with her guy.
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Isa Martinez answered
Why the hell would you  want to get back with a guy that dumped you ! No offense but I totally get what your saying. Your not over him . You don't want to play hard to get but you do at the same time. You also want to move on so you want always be hung up on him. Make sure you kno he doesnt like someone because if he does its pointless trying. But if he doesnt, don't flirt with him, but don't flirt with anyone else either because he might think that you don't like him or that your being a bitch and trynna make him jealous on purpose. Just be yourself, try to be that person he was into before . :) I kno what I'm saying is probably confusing but just try ! If hes a stupid boy get over it and move on to someone WAAAAY better ! :)
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Scott Ai answered
Go to his house in a black bra and panties and climb into his window. Then do what he wants you to do. You'll get him back. I promise

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