i really miss my boyfriend and my mom won't let me see him how do i feel better?


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How do you feel better? Try listening to music. Take a walk. Exercise. Write in a journal. Talk with a trusted friend. Concentrate on school. Eat a spoonful of ice cream without guilt. Hug your dog. Pet your cat. Get on line and ask/answer questions with us! I am sorry you are hurting. It will get better... One way or another. ūü§ó

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I am sure there is a reason why she won't let you see him. Maybe listen to her reason or reasons, and actually consider them. Why it may not make you feel better right now, it may in the long run. You can also tell your mother what it is you miss about him. Maybe you can come up with a compromise and she will let you see him while she can chaperone. That way she can get to know him better.

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Hey my Mom did not spare the rod and i listened to her so that is my advice listen to Mom . Thank God you still have your Mom and tell her you love her everyday cause some day it will be too late. Mark my words !!!

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Tom  Jackson
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I'm glad you liked your mother, Darren.

Unfortunately, my mother had a cruel streak---toward both me and my father.

I sent flowers to her funeral, but I didn't bother to show up.
Straight Edge  Society
Thanks for sharing your comment Tom , sorry about misfortune in life that is sad for sure :/

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