I Miss My Boyfriend.He Is On Holiday. He Left Yesterday And Comes Back Next Weekend. How Do I Stop Missing Him?


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Natilie T. answered
H! I think you should relax and do things that distract you from thinking of him.

P.S. Love the Twilight pic.
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Mr. Adamo answered
Hi. One can always look at it as if lucky you hav someone in your life in the 1st place that is more joy on average 4 some people dream to leave their spouse and can be extremely overrated at times as people get bored with each other since the dawn of time.. So this short amount of time away from each other think about how you are as a person on your own with your own dignity and identity and how you can live life without being so helpless for constant support as an infant.. Here's a hug to get you going.. And YES their are actually other people out in the world who are equally as great and adorable as your bf, no healing for selfish arrogance between couples but is true and most certain why there's the belief there is no marriage in heaven because there's no room for such extreme self centered stupidity of concerning so much time between only two people! *laughs!* Good luck
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Arthur Wright answered
Pre occupy your time with something else and quit thinking about him or it could be a very long time til next weekend

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