What do girls consider good looking?


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mattie cortez Profile
mattie cortez answered
Talented, goood manners, caring, nicely dressed, hair combed, smells nice and just really clean and takes care of himself
Danni marie Profile
Danni marie answered
Depends on who the girl is and what the girl is into im into guys that can treat me right, isnt materialistic, a guy that can make me happy, and someone that can accept me for me. But good looks for me is all over it mostly depends on the personality not the looks for me
Starma Scorpio Profile
Starma Scorpio answered
I don't think there is a general answer.  Every one has different taste that is the beauty of the game.  :)  You could take one guy and ask ten girls what they thought were his most attractive features and you may get ten different answers.  My friends and I don't like the same types of guys.  I kinda like stocky guys with long-ish hair and tattoos who dress kinda casual.  One of my girlfriends like total muscle bound meat heads.  Another totally clean cut preppy guys, and thank goodness for that cause in a small town we'd be fighting over guys left and right.  :)
Stephanie Nihcole Profile
Big eyes, good hair, clean face
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder here so hard to pinpoint but if the guy has a 6 pack ab, its a very good start

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