What Do You Consider To Be Your Good And Bad Qualities?


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My being frank is both good and bad qualities for I can readily please some or hurt someone with that. I am very extravagant with praises, and also very sharp with comments that can pierce a beast's heart. I say what I want to say as long as it is the truth. I don't go for gray areas or in-betweens...it should always be black and white. Always remember, some truths really hurt yet those are still truths.
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Ok, gonna make me think about this one, LMAO...
I can tell you what my girlfriend say's about me... Crazy, Nut, Psycho, @$$ H., and Atheist...LMAO
But I am really one of the nicest people you could ever meet. I love my friends, even though I hate old people...LMAO...I get alone with everyone (but Justin T. Or Shaytards from Youtube), I am always there to help out a friend.
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walter jedyk answered
Bad qualities, language, incorrectness.
Good qualities, politeness, honesty
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In people treating others as you would have them treat you based on the laws/teachings of the land and God.
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Mark Brookshire
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That my friend has proven to be 100% false, LoL...Take what you can get, when you can get it...Being good to people will just leave you with nothing...Treat your friends good and you may keep them forever...Don't give them too much or they will expect it every time...God, LoL...We'll see...
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Good: Will help anyone with almost anything & caring disposition.
Bad:    Impatience & At times mistrust
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I certainly believe that I have plenty of BOTH qualities but there are certain things I decline to publicly detail, because my answers could, in theory at least, be used "against" me.

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