When Are You Of Good Moral Character?


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Being of good moral character is to have a collection of attributes which make up your personality and define the way in which you act which are considered 'good' - honestly, integrity, kindness, loyalty and so on. A person with these personality traits may be said to have 'good morals', meaning they act in what is considered to be an unselfish, kindly way. In short, those with good moral character believe in helping others and providing benefits to social that will impact positively on everyone, rather than only considered the wellbeing of themselves.

Christians consider those of good moral character to be those who act to reflect the character of God. They believe God to be loving, caring and forgiving, and those of the Christian faith attempt to echo this is how they live their lives. Christians learn how to behave with good morals by interpreting Bible stories known as fables. Many Christians believe adhering to good morals will allow them to enter heaven after death.

In US law, good moral character is a legal concept that allows citizens to gain various benefits and positions in society. It is often used when deciding whether to allow somebody to immigrate to a particular location. Good moral character is also a factor that determines whether or not a person is allowed to enter the legal profession. Of course, it is very difficult to decide whether or not a person has good moral character. Firstly, crime record checks will be undertaken; if somebody is found to have committed crimes in the past it is likely they won't be accepted to be of good moral character. The person may also have to submit references from previous employers, or undergo extensive character testing which involves putting a person in a hypothetical situation and asking how they would act.
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A person of good character is moral at all times.  It is not a condition that we apply at certain times but not at others.  Being of good character means adhering to a standard of what society accepts as right or good.  To live by a set of values or ethics that include such qualities as honesty, integrity, responsibility, and generosity, to name a few, and to set a good example for others are signs of good character.  A person of good character is trustworthy, dependable and a "(wo)man" of her/his word. 
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I believe they should also be good "role models" for the students and with their own peers.  They should be individuals who are placed on a higher level code of ethics standard than some other positions because of the nature of their job. Any position that deals with the public, children, or sensitive issues should have a higher morality standard required for that job.
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Someone with good moral standards, will not do things that are promiscuous, or wrong. Say someone who flaunts themselves in a bad way, they are considered to be promiscuous, and they have no self worth, and no morals.
Or someone who is asked to do something that is wrong, and they don't they are said to have good morals. A person that stands for what is right, is like this also.
This attests to their character, as being good. I'm hoping this is helping you understand a little better.
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If you do the right thing even when no one is watching.  Its an oversimplification but it says a lot.
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Someone with good moral character can be understood to mean a person who observes the law, and whose  values and behavior is guided by the respect of self and others; one who seeks to do no harm and is honest and forthright in their dealings with others.  Integrity is also important, meaning that a person's word may be trusted to be aligned with their actions and promises made are promises kept.  In most societies, the measure of what is "good moral character" is also derived by noting whether the person observes the generally accepted values of that society, which can include religious values.
I can imagine this is being asked in context of role of teacher because we assume we may entrust our children and ourselves to those who are guiding us, and that they will impart knowledge and intentions without risk of harm or socially unacceptable influence upon the student.
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I want to thank the asker of this question for the question itself. To me it is a great question that requires one to examine important principles. And I am also glad for Bickle who has come along today behind and given me a rating of bad (one star) because this also helps me think through my answer and reaffirms it. This is a question each person should answer daily for him or herself, and I will keep this question on my favourites list to remind me of critical answers and actions.

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