I Hate My Boyfriends Family. They Are So Mean. What Can I Do?


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Cheer up, girl!
My (ex) boyfriend dumped me because his family "pushed" him to do that.
That boy was (and probably still is) the love of my life, and we had that special connection that I've never had before.
I got no clue why they didn't like me! I'm a nice person, I'm smart, I work hard, I come from a rich family, I look good and the most important: I loved their son for who he was and I respected them like they were my family!
When I came over, most of the times his mom was   ignoring me.. Even when I just said "Hey!" to her. One of the sisters (the 2nd one was nice), was WAYYY to cynical, and was trying to make a joke out of me.. As time passed, I just didn't show up to Friday's dinners anymore - and he didn't even insist. I guess he was trying to hide that from me, so I wouldn't know..
Anyway, I wish he was a man enough to stand up for and to fight for what we had, but he didn't.. And maybe it's better - cause I don't want neither deserve to be in that situation.
That's just my story.. :)
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My fiances family can be ok when they want to be. But deep down in my heart I know they don't like me. But I'm cool with that as long as they keep out of my way and leave me alone I don't care. I mainly have problems with his sister. She really does not like me. She was trying to set him up with her friend the other day. Its pathetic we are stronger than anything. Keep your head high and try to avoid situation where there could be a conflict. If you can't avoid them then just bite your Tonge.
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You could plant a bomb in his house and kill his parents...  Its just a thought
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My boyfriends family isn't mean, just rich and snobby. He tells me they like me but I know they look down upon me for not having rich parents. They are constantly keeping him busy, thus keeping us apart. He can't expect me to believe that they like me with that shit happening.
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Really I hated my ex boyfriends parents because they hated me so just try to ignore them or get your boyfriend to talk to them.
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I know this feeling, I have a similar problem. I'm not sure if it's because of coming from a poor background or different race but his mom doesn't like me. I've been nothing but sweet as can be, bringing very thoughtful gifts to them, helping out whenever I see anyone needs it around the house. But she hates him spending any time with me. She blatantly yells to him "You're always on the phone with her" when we *just* begin talking on the phone after not talking the whole day due to work or whatever else. We can't really *see* each other because we live thousands of miles apart.

Aside from that, coming up with things for him to do to distract him from being with me. She micromanages his time. I would love for him to move out, but I can't do this for him, he can move here but I can't get him a job, he's not in my line of work so I just don't know, the situation makes me feel stuck and his family is taxing on our relationship and each of us individually making it that much harder to progress.

It's a bit comforting that I'm not alone in this. I've been told most mother in laws do not like their daughter in laws for NO reason other than they are clinging onto their sons because they don't want them to leave them.

All we can do is always be very nice to them, they can never say you did anything wrong (everyone else will see that). Do your best to see the good in them and be amiable. Also hope that your boyfriend can handle the situation as well. Good luck to everyone, I wish you all luck in winning over your boyfriend's families.
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Ok I know exactly what you should do I myself have been and still am under the same situation I hate them and I guess my boyfriends family hate me too but I really don't care any more I try being better than those loosers I work have money and have a nice car acura tl 09 ;) luv it and since I speak to none of them I just luv showing off and totally ignoring them thats the main key don't let them upset you trust me they talk stuff about you some times say thing that you are referring about you but ignore it. You are dating your boyfriend not them just make sure you let him know that you dislike them and explain why show him is not you is them also just live your life with your boyfriend it would piss them off more and try not to argue around them and make sure they don't know your business  sooner or later they will get tier
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My boyfriend's family are the complete opposite. They are Bogan like and dislike me because I have a mortgage, worked in the two top finance firms in the world and currently studying a degree in Law... I am 22 years old. I have accomplished so much more than my boyfriend and his family... They have not accomplished any of this. I love my partner, he is supportive caring, loving and understands me for me BUT his family think otherwise. They THINK I am dragging him down because he is leaving the army because the ARMY is what is DRAGGING him down and instead he has applied for ASIO and is awaiting his second interview. His last day in the army is this Thursday. He would have not seen this Bogan opportunity if he wasn't leaving the Army! I don't know what to do about his family... We live in Sydney and his family lives in Adelaide - don't know if that makes it any clearer haha. I sometimes doubt myself when his brothers call him and bag me out... I know I shouldn't but it's hard and NOW I have given him the decision, it's ME or his family - CHOOSE! Did I mention my Partner is gutless and cannot stick up for me or him! What to do? I need answers!
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If you and your boyfriend have a serious relationship, then express your feelings to him about his family. He should understand unless he is in denial about them.  Even so, he should never force you to be in their company if it makes you uncomfortable. A major part of a solid relationship is that each partner has to give as well as take. Good luck.
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Oh they are rich and mean but my husband family are just funny up. Some of them. I think they make fun of me because I married him even though he is a total bum!!!...they should be happy for him but they are just trying to bring him down more. Thats what I think and I hate the way he treats me because of their low down attitude
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I know how you feel, but in a long-term relationship, or any type of relationship, you will be around them. All you can do is make the best of it. And it may not be that they are mean, they may just be different then you are, and they may not what him to be hurt again and they are just trying to make sure he dose not get hurt again. Just make sure you never make him pick you are his family because no matter who he picks it will not be good.
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Well, my boyfriend doesn't have parents anymore and he lives with his auntie now. His auntie hates me because I'm not rich and I'm not the heir of any huge company. She wants me to just get off from them and even if there's a chance, she'd love to find me dead. I don't know what else to do because she's so head-strong and I took a way by breaking with him.
You still have a chance to change their mind.

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