Why Do I Hate My Mom So Much?


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I suspect that you do not really hate her. Probably you are mad at her right at this moment because of something she has done or not done that is not agreeable to you. That happens any relationship. Not everyone agrees about everything all the time. It does not matter if it is a friendship or a family relationship or a work situation or a school classmate, etc. Sooner or later there will be a disagreement. Instead of being childish and saying, "I hate you", the more mature action to take is to calmly discuss the differences. You may not come to an agreement but because you care for the other person, you make allowances. It is difficult sometimes to do that if you feel strongly about the differences, but think how bad you would feel if you said, "I hate you" and then before you could settle the problem, the other person had an accident and was killed. If you are honest with yourself, you do not hate your Mom. You just are angry right now. It is normal to feel anger on occasion but do be careful about how you handle the problem.
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Maybe she was not there when you needed her to be, or you just see yourself in her. She gave birth to you and loves you I am sure. Remember life is too short and she will not be around forever. Talk to her and let her know how you are feeling
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Chances are because your mom like most moms wont let you do as you want so shes the bad guy but in reality its part of growing up to learn there are limitations in life while life does go on and someday your children will feel the same way about you too
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Because you love her and she gets under your skin.
because you don't need her anymore but you kind of do.
because she wont get out of your business but shes an embarassment.
because you are almost a man but not quite, and she can't let go, and you are not ready to go.
because you are afraid of moving on in life and mom is a good one to blame for it.
because she is annoying, being way too old to understand anything you go through every day.
because its easier to be really mad at someone than to try and understand them.
because you are stressed and mom is the closest target.
you could add 100 more but why do that.
tell her you love her and wish her happy mothers day.

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