What's the name of your best friend ever?


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My best friend is named Peggy.
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I have sooo many..8)
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Ray Ottewell
Ray Ottewell commented
Yeh I know you have, and we all spoil you on hear, now wheres my cake LOL.
Addilynn All Star
LOOL yehh u do a bit! And ..i woke upp and there was a fresh cake todayy in the fridge! So i took a whole plate! Hehe!
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Janey answered
Chrissie - known her since i was 8 years old and we've been best friends since then.She's the singer in the all-girl rock band that i play in and we've been through thick and thin and had lots of crazy adventures along the way lol.
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Lexi commented
Since you were 8? Wow that's great haha=)
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Well we kinda lost touch as we went to different universities but we saw each other during the holidays then.
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Allison Sims answered
Keltsy or cameron we've known each other since we were like 6 and they've always been there for me through the hard times and through the good. ;P

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