Why do girls hate it when their boyfriends get jealous?:(


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Anishah Bint Ad. Profile
It depends on why he's being jealous. Sometimes it's actually VERY cute & sweet that he's jealous,but other times; Does he even trust his girl enough? So if a guy gets jealous and makes his girlfriend question whether or not he actually trusts her...that's when she might get pissed.
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Meta Forrest answered
Joe.  am trying ti send yoq a marasee
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Maxine Chan answered
Because jealousy is a sin. If you show you are not jealous, you will be better for her and it shows you trust her.
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alexia smith answered
Well I think that shes wrong. She cants say that and expect you not to get jealous. Theres nothing else you could do. She might be angry because she thinks you don't trust not that your jealous.
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sofia kim answered
Because ,...maybe it may lead to a failure in relationships..or
if a girl  hangs out with their "guy" friend..maybe their own boyfriend..think they can go hang out with another girl...but in a more closer relationship than just being friends.
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Coz then they start to het angry and aggressive they can't handle that emotion so they don't know wot to do wiv it

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