Why do some girls like to get beaten by their boyfriend?


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I know someone who seems to "like" being beaten but I think there is more to it. To me it seems that the only way that they can feel appreciated is to stay with the person who has manipulated them, abused them, and made them feel worthless.  Although they beat them, the abuser still shows some sort of affection for their victim. Sometimes there are deeper issues such as the absence of a father, or and abusive father when they were growing up. Its different for everyone.
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Like? I don't think they LIKE to get beaten,nobody likes to get beaten up. These girls need help and they're probably lost and confused,'cause most of them think they'll never find a "better" guy. Unfortunately,what they don't know is that..A guy that beats up his girl is worthless and needs to be punished! :)
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Vicky Awesome answered
There is a scientific name for that mental preference.... Agh! I can't remember what it is... But yes it's a pshycological standing that, usualy in a sexual sort of standing, they enjoy it because they think it's kinky and cinnematic. It's not an illness persay... But it is something you should restrain if you do have this mental standing.
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They don't like it, they have very low self esteem .  Normally because the piece of scum who beats them up , has slowly and deliberately chipped away at her pride and self-worth , until she thinks she is totally useless, and also wrongly thinks, that she is getting what she deserves .
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I dot think anyone in the right mind would like to get beaten up
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I don't think that they like 2 its more the fact that they are afraid to let anyone know the fact that they do
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I think its because either there too scared to get away from them because of what might happen if they leave, or sometimes its because they girl loves him too much and doesnt want to leave

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