Why Do Boyfriends Make You Jealous?


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I think it's a control thing or a power thing.
They want to feel wanted, and one way of doing this is by trying to make you jealous and provoking a reaction.
I don't think its a very nice thing to do, and may be the signal of an unstable relationship.
Another reason might be to test your commitment. Again, if they are insecure - then they will try and see if you are outraged by them flirting with another girl. If you don't seem to mind, they will begin to worry that you are not worried about losing them.
Sometimes they won't even flirt with another girl, but rather ignore you to spend time with friends. This can still cause jealousy and, if they do it willfully and know they are hurting you then this is a wicked thing to do.
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Not all BF's do this, might be to tease you.
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Ayushi Shukla
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Yes it is to tease girls.......
This happens to me also....
N each time when he asks me why i m jealous, it makes me blush to the deepest pink!!
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They want more attension from u ......n being jealous u will atuomatically give more attension towards them
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To see f u will fight for him...x
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Hes one of those boys that loves to play games. He wants attention sometimes that can be a good thing, though. If its bothering you i would play the same card or confront him and tell him to cut the shit, your in a relationship there should be no one else on his mind but you!
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It might be his way of showing you how much he wants you or to see how much you want him
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It all depends on what type of person you are if you are a bit over protective then maybe a boyfriend is not the best idea  as you might love them too much and get very jealous and protective. If you understand that boys can have friends that are girls that they don't wanna jump into bed with the you rock and you should definately get a boyfriend (hopefully now i case the feeling passes!!!) hope you liked this answer :) :) :)
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The want to know how much u love them and how u gonna react to him/her. But u should not think too bad if u see something is going on and you don't like just go to him/her  and try to explain  what he/ her is doing u don't like...:)
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You get jealous because you love him.  It is not so much what he does.  It is how you react to what he does that will hurt you.  If he deliberately make you jealous, you better ask him why he is doing that.  Ask yourself if you want that situation to continue.
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Believe me that your answer is that he just wants you to tell him that he's important to you or stuff like this,they are concerned because they think that you don't love him,and in the most near words,this behaviour is taken from a place called "lack of attention" or lack of "to be loved",but at the end it means a good meaning however it sometimes make us feel a little bad
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They think it makes you want to be with them more or something but really for most people i know it makes them want to be with someone else
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I know how it feels to be jealous and its an ugly feeling. Guys make girls jealous cause they want  attention from that one girl.
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They try to show off sometimes. Trust me, I know. It's only because they want girls to like them more.
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I guess to try to see how much you love him but I think it is wrong for him to do that to you.  It just make a girl feel insecure of herself.
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They want to test your limits. Just show him that you are better than that because all you need is to be confident and other guys will like you and trust me, he will notice. If not, then he was never the right guy.
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Some boys might make you jealous because they might have seen you talking to another guy and want to return the favor. Most guys do that when their deeply in love with you. It shows how in love they are with you
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Maybe he wants you for himself more n he don't know how to doo it,,so he is trying too make u jealous so that you will come without him telling u that

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