When did you last show your Parents that you Appreciate them?,


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Annie Devore answered
My Mom Died When I Was 18.. From Smoking  She Was 44 My Dad Died Of Heart  Disease In 2004 I Show Them Respect By Behaving.. Not Being Rude.. Cussing  Never.. Helping .. Volunteering.. Treating People With Compassion And Respect I Use Their Teaching Me To ..
Make The World A Better Place.. Make People Proud Of You.Cherish Your Parents You Could Lose Them In An Instant I Did
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Jessie answered
I told my mother how happy I was she ate right and had a healthy pregnancy.
And that she didn't chain me to a wall and torture me in my youth.
We happened to be watching some recent Oprah show at the time, about a youth who had been abused.
And it occurred to me, when I was born it was basically a 50/50 split on whether I could have ended up in his position.
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Maxine Chan answered
I do not remember, oh well.
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Likeaboss answered
All day, every day, respect is the characteristic that I show the most.
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Tiffiny answered
I made breakfast for the whole family this morning. But I can't remember the last time I told my parents that I love them...
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Ray Ottewell answered
A long time ago because they are both dead now, but I did manage to tell my dad that I love him before he died

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