Is a person useless if they fail miserably in school, in love, and in life?


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No, because we all are. There's got to be at least once where we didn't get an A on something, and there's got to be at least once where we got heart broken, or we didn't think we have any talents, or even broke a heart. No one's going to be Perfect, as far as we all know. But remember, everything happens for a reason. Maybe you fail school because something great is to happen. There are so many famous old guys who practically didn't go to school, and did amazing things. Love? Well no one can master that. Love's practically a knife. The more you involve yourself in it, the more your putting pressure of the blade against your skin. Life? If your a fail in life, then why bother to live? Cruel much? Yes. But your only a fail in life if you decide its too much and commit suicide. That is when you fail, because you ceased to see you were put to have a life, because the world needed you in it. So in conclusion, you don't fail no matter what. You just do something called "Living" which means your not perfect. Don't be so harsh on yourself.
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How can you fail at life? Sorry but i just don't think it's possible. Life's what we make it, so if you think you're "failing" then you're obviously young, naive with your whole life ahead of you still. There is so much out there for you to discover and learn and WIN. Failing life isn't even that bad, we all end up in the same place sooner or later, and then find the greatest peace in the world, and then i promise you'll never feel like that again.
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Not everyone fails in all three but which one theyll succeed in is unknown til later. Of course there are those exceptions that fail in school but yet manage to succeed very well in life and love but those are extremely rare
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Yeah I know that but not my friend.. She fails in school and in love,, the only thing she has is a job but there is this time where she gets paid to help her boyfriend succeed in school but he is a failure since he is on academic probation. I think she does it for the money. No morals whatsoever.
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There are always those people that never learn who will never be anybody in life
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Besides it werent for useless people, we all would be perfect
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Nope!! Everyone has something they are good at. Just because you may not be good in school or lucky in love, especially as a teenager or young adult, does not mean you are a failure. Not many people get it right early in life. Wait till you are a little older. Everything will work out in time.
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Everyone is good at something. Focus on that rather than the negetive. Life is what you make it, so make the best out of what you have instead of sitting around pouting about what a loser you are. Feeling sorry for yourself isn't going to get you anywhere. Its impossible to be a failure at life unless you sit around not doing anything about it.
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There not useless and they cant fail in all it just takes time and hard work and putting the effort in to it
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I have failed in all three. A drop out, no job and in debt, and i would say i failed in love pretty bad. And im only 18. Lol. Its interesting how things work out. Fortunately the further down you fall the higher you get to climb.
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No cuz they have other hidden talents that we dont know about.... Im sure your good at summin...everyone is :)

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