How Can I Be A Better Person In Life?


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No one is perfect in whole world except God almighty. All we can do is just try to do such things that help us to prove ourselves as a better person in society.
Try to analyze your self, because self analysis is best option to check our self. First try to face your self, because at first we are answerable to ourselves.

Be confident in every walk of life, decision making plays an import role in our lives. You should be enough strong on what you have decided .Be straight forward. Be honest in every part of your life. Be nice to every one, just try to forgive others, it will help you to increase your temperament. Give respect to every one from your parents to even a shopkeeper. Whenever your friends call you for help always go for them, not even your friends, as a responsible person it's our duty to help others. Always try to protect the right of others. Your attitude towards walk of life should be positive .never try to think in a negative way. Negative thinking will destroy your whole personality. When you will follow all these things you will automatically feel the difference in your self.
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In order to be a better person in life, you need to treat others in the best way possible. Being a better person in life depends upon how the people around you think about you. The people around you include friends, family, co-workers, neighbours etc. The people who know you will respond to you according to your actions.

In order to feel good in life, you need to be nice to the people around you. You need to treat people with respect, love and admiration. These are some of the essentials required in order to achieve good faith in life. Avoiding malpractices, bad habits and other vices will help you be a good person in life.

Doing charity will also give you a feeling of well being. It is rightfully said 'Do onto others as you would have them do onto you'.
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If you want to be a better person in life, then you should look at your deeds and your behaviors towards other people. It needs a lot of willingness in one's self. Doing good to others is the best way you can show your good side. You need to be good to everyone who is smaller to you or elder to you. Your family, friends and people you meet in your daily routine. In order to a good person, you don't need to show the world that you're doing all this. All of your acts and your behaviors towards others should be genuine.

We should not forget that it is not only about this world, all your actions and feelings are not hidden from that Almighty. So, you should keep in mind that becoming a good person is not all about doing well for others but also to your enemy. Try and be good to those who think bad for you. This will definitely show your good side. If you're good to others, they will be good to you. Just keep in mind, this world is a small place; we are answerable for all our deeds.
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I have found in my life and circumstance that being a better person for ME first,is the number one goal,then analyze your own ways to see if anything you do could be negatively affecting you and those around you,then make a plan one day at a time to improve or change any negativity
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I agree with all the answers given about showing other people care love consideration etc, at times a hard thing to do.! BUT I am disappointed that all the other creatures with which we share this planet have not been mentioned. . They are made on the same plan as us, from the same DNA. They are living creatures who suffer all the pains and stresses of life just like we do! So shouldn.t being a better person include being better not just to humans but to all creatures because I believe that it should. To me the fact that they are omitted shows what is fundamentally wrong with our world. That is we limit our love to humans. I,ve no doubt some will disagree with me.
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Start with have to come to terms with yourself before you could give a part of you...good luck!

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