What Is The Difference Between Love And Being In Love?


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To love someone is to make a choice to always act according to their best interest.  To be in love with someone is to feel emotionally and spiritually connected with them in an intimate way.
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Love is what's left when being in love has gone. It's when you care about someone and you hope they're happy, but you're not under any illusions about them. Maybe that kind of love is not exciting and passionate and all those feelings fade with time. All those things most people are so keen on. But in the end it's the only kind of love that really matters.
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Kristine Neidinger
I ask, what is the dif, I need to know.
If we make love, cry , laugh, sleep , cuddle & watch movies, & even live with each other 2 weeks out of a month....every thing a married couple would do.
Is this Not IN LOVE ?????
He tells me , he loves me, but he is not in love with me.
We have known each other for 13 years, he is my best friend, I want him to be my best friend forever.
will some one out there tell me what to do.......SOS
I would like to ask him to marry me on Valentines day, I have a ring, but I am so affraid to hear those words again.
I love you, but I am not IN love with you.
Is there some kind of book, test or something I can have him read?
For the life of me, he makes no sence.
I am 42 years old, and I just do not want to play house any more.
I would be So Proud to have him for my husband & life long mate.
I know I mean the world to him & I know he loves me.
What Can I Do ?
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Being Loved for Yourself
Saying no when everyone seems to be having sex can feel lonely. However, not all girls experience it that way. Those who choose not to have sex until in a marriage relationship are increasing in number. CLEO (November 1997) included an article about these women who remain virgins for many reasons including self-respect, fear of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and a belief that sex is something special to be shared with only one person. These women want a man who will cherish them for who they are and his preparedness to wait is seen as a statement of love and commitment.

How to Analyse Your Relationship
Being able to judge whether your feelings are REAL LOVE can be difficult, especially as a teenager. Questions that you might ask of your relationship include:
RESPECT - Does he or she listen when you speak? Does he/she know the things that are most important to you and vice versa?
EQUALITY - What do you do together as shared interests? Do you share each other's friends?
AFFECTION - Are there any signs of affection or kindness apart from sexual activity?
LOYALTY - Is he/she loyal to you regardless of what his/her friends think and do?

LIBERATION - Do you have someone to turn to apart from your boyfriend/girlfriend? What is the future of your education and other life goals if this relationship continues?
OPENESS - Do you and your partner express negative feelings of guilt, anger, depression? Do you and your partner freely express positive feelings of love and affection?
VIGOR - Is the intensity of the relationship one sided?
ENRICHMENT - Do you like the way you act whilst in this relationship? Do you believe that you have matured in it?
There are many ways to show that you care: making friends and enjoying life, sharing fun in sport and other activities, sharing feelings about what you want out of life and listening to the other person.
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Well technically, I suppose there is no difference because the feelings that someone in love feels are fairly similar if not entirely the same as those that are felt during infatuation.

Infatuation is usually associated with unrequited or non-reciprocal love, where only one of the people is feeling those things towards the other (famous example is Romeo for Roseline in Romeo and Juliet).

However love is considered to be such a difficult thing to pin down and the feelings are many and all different.

Infatuation could be thought of as the first stage of a love attraction between two people. This is a brief, intense stage where all thoughts and efforts are focused on the other or the sensuous part of relations between the two:

'until the virus relents, you will be an abject boor, fit only to give and receive sensual satisfaction' - David Mamet

Infatuation is thought to be short lasting, love is thought to be endless, but sadly rarely is.
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I really cannot stand people who have only known each other for a few weeks and begin to say they are in love because they have a bunch of things in common. This cheapens what being in love is! Love to me is defined as an extreme care for another person. Being in love is much more complicated.

You don't really know who you are as a person until you are a little older and even then there is 10% of yourself you will never share with anyone and roughly 20% of you that will always change. If you can actually get to know all 70% of someone and love it unconditionally, become okay with the 20% that is always changing, support it and continue to love it, and respect the fact you will never know that 10% but still love it as well... Then you can tell someone you are in love with them... Because you are... Completely!
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The typical definition of love now I sex, kissing, and all the other stuff. Actually, love is giving up your time, energy, and willing to support that person no matter what. That is what is. Love is a wonderful word and to be used in the good definition, not the bad. God made love, but the world is taking it is a intimate, nasty thing that is all over the internet. Thankyou for reading!
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I think love is a toned down version of being in love. If you love someone you really do love them, but you CAN get over them, no matter how long it takes, but you will always have a soft spot for them, yet you can love another, but if you fall in love theres no way to fall out of it, you can't get over them and probably never will, its like a committment and theres no way of getting out of it. Thats just my opinion. :)
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Love is being defined here in the context above and not in the sense of preference or liking; as in "I love pizza more than fries". Love is an emotion that one feels towards another. It is an emotional attachment and feeling of affection that emanates from within. It can be between a mother and child, a person and his pet, between friends, between sisters etc.

The other term "being in love" refers to a feeling of love in the sense of lovers. It is what Connie Walle seeks when she says in her poem "O let the solid ground not fail beneath my feet; before my life has found what some have found so sweet." The difference between the two is that the first can refer to something plutonic as well, while the latter is more to do with attraction and sexual longing.
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I am, am I, in love with, or is with in love, a love for, someone, who loves you as mush, if not more, and how do we know it is more?can it measured as, my love is greater Thant who told you that such could be so. And word it now if you then, how mush more do you love than I love. Still unanswered sorry!
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Love is something easy to define, but when your in love it gives you heartache and smiles
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Love is a holy passion & being in love is like a way to heaven where there are hurdles but destination is awesome
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The difference between love and like I done understand what you are explain for me plead try it again
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The difference between love and being in love is between a family, or between two intimate people. Fullon explained this well...  Good luck! <3

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