What's The Difference Between Love And A Crush?


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Basically you feel almost the same in both the cases, but the only thing that differenciate love from a crush is the feeling that you get for the person when he/she leaves, when he/she smiles, the way he/she talks, and above all the feeling of not being able to live without that person..... And if you get this kind of feeling then its love.....
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A crush can turn into love only if you are the best of friends. Because love is friendship. If someone can't be someones good friend then s/he can't love him/her. So if you have a crush on someone first be friends and then wait to see what happens (whether its love or just a crush). Its easy if you think it is otherwise its quite complicated.
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A crush can be the beginning of falling in love or a passing fad...Falling in love is something that is indescribable...You would do anything for them!Like for instance I have fallen in love with my man Rob...But I have a crush on Vin Diesel!Lol!There is a difference :)
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The difference between love and crush is that love is like a commit that you want to be with that person your whole life or it just means thats your special somebody, someone you think about a lot and feel a qood connection like a spark.it has so much meanings to it ,and a crush is just someone you think of its like lust but not love,Infatuation, probably a mere Physical attraction.
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The differences between love and a crush is love is someone like you for who you are and want to be with you for you forever.A crush is someone like you but don't want to be with you.
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I would say that a crush is a feeling experienced by a junior who is attracted to another very emotional but because of their age not destined to mature into full blown LOVE. Where FALLING in LOVE very different to being in love is the " Out of Control" but enjoying every second of the overwhelming loss of control, this is an experience never experienced by "Control Freaks" or Controlling people who would never allow the pleasure of letting go !!!!!
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If I had to guess I'd say this: A crush usually involves a physical attraction with a small amount of emotional attraction as well. Love is completely different. With love you think about that person nearly every waking moment. You hear their voice when you know they aren't around. You can see their face on other people. Love can border on obsession if you're not careful. Oh, you will know when you're in love.
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You can have a physical attraction on someone and know that it can never be a relationship and you are happy with the person speaking to you or acknowledging you in some small way as in a celebrity giving you a autograph, love is being in a relationship and thinking of that person more than you think of yourself, you pray for that person more than you do yourself and if you are apart for a hour or more you are unable to consentrate for thinking of that person....the best to you
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From my experience love is way diffrent from love cauz when you love somebody it's simply that you can't live without him or her ... But when it's a crush you don't even notice them leaving...and believe me you are going to feeel likr if you can breath without him or  her ...
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A crush is likeing someone but they not knowing and fancying is when you fancy someone so you can say to your mate I fancy so and so....Well thats what I think!
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Because love will make you do some pretty wired things.. A crush..is the beginning of falling in love. I think..a crash that's only when you think you fell something for that person..that's what a crush is.. There's a big difference.
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