What Is Difference Between Likeness And Love?


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The likeness and love are totally opposite thing in fact.Likeness arises in mind but love is by your heart. As mind and heart are two different things, similarly likeness and love differ from each other. Some people think logically and some think emotionally. When a man thinks logically , he creates some standards of good and bad , and likes each and every thing that match those standards while dislikes those things that are out of his standards.
But love is an uncontrollable and unconscious feeling of association with someone. When a man loves some one, he can not live with out him/her.

He starts to depend emotionally upon his/her lover and it is not in his/her control. A man can like one or more things and persons but love is only one. We can normally live without our liked things but it is difficult to live with out your love. There are not any defined criteria of love.

But these are not as hard and fast rules of life, because all the human beings are not same in their nature and ideas. There are so many people that have their life decision according to their logics and don't believe on emotions.
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When you like someone,you are just so happy to be around them,and when you are around them, it just feels great.When you love someone you would do anything in the world for him/her.Love is so much stronger than just liking smeone.
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There is a lot of difference between the two. Liking is nothing but an physical attraction, love is pertaining to emotions of the person.
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For me, there is a difference. Falling in love is very much based on emotions while real love goes much deeper than likeness - and can last even through emotionally difficult time because it is built on trust.
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Good question. In my opinion love is something like unconditional emotion, while like is some version of love. In general, I rarely think about this because it doesn't really interest me. I prefer to spend time with different girls, usually I search them on some of these best sex sites. In modern world many men do this and I don't think that it is something unusual!

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Likeness is a kind of liking or enjoying something or someone who makes us happy and adore for being friend with. Love is not the same, as "falling in love "needs to be with and like a couple, to live together, help each other and understand each other either.

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