Do Love And Sex Are Same? What Is The Difference Between Likeness, Love,lust,attraction And Sex?


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Sex is just an act.

Love, making love, is a union, a peaceful moment, when two bodies become one, sharing the same feelings and emotions. It's bigger then sex, it becomes something sacred.

attraction is just a (usually) physical interest towards someone. Never confuse love with attraction, since you might get disappointed.

It's more than normal for a man to crave for sex with the woman he loves, since it's the ultimate step for him to show her how much he loves her.

Hope it helps.
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Love is an emotional tie between two parties...

Loving sex is totally different....

Loving the woman you love and craving her for sex is a link of the 2...

The style of sex you have will drastically change if your with someone you love.. And love to have sex with them.(desire)

compared to having just .. Sex...

or just loving someone and not loving sex

all 3 will change the outcome.

hope that helps.
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I belive that love is diffrent from likeness bcos love deal wit emotional feeling and like deal wit attraction.
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Haveing sex is another way of showing that you love someone. Its connected. You can't love someone but be disgusted with them in bed. And you can't not like someones personality but just want them for sex. It has to be two thats real love. Meaning your attracted to them in everyway. You love them.

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