How Do You Pop Your Cherry?


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Your cherry or hymen can be popped from vaginal intercourse, sports that require far leg stretching, and fingering if done deep enough depending on where your hymen is.

When the hymen is popped if not done gently it may bleed and cause pain.
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If you want to pop your cherry then get with a dude/ chick  but don't let them force you into it . Only do it when your ready
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Dudes leave her alone. I never felt comfortable talking to my parents about these kinds of things and often turned to the internet like her. It's her business, and if you don't want to answer it and just want to insult her, then STAY OFF THIS PAGE. Thanks guys :) Katie!!!!
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Have sex
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Hello beckyboo.  To ask a question such as the one you asked tells me that you are just a little girl still (no harm ment).  I agree with your first commenter.  Talk to your mother, or both parents.  If your mother doesn't tell you what your cherry is, no one else has a right too either.  I'm sure you are very curious to find out.  You asked it on this page.  Ask your mother, and after she tells you, let me know what she said.
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Talk to your parents about these type of questions . You do not even know the people on this or any site. You need to talk to a real person in person about things like this. Your parents or a physician. If your not old enough to talk to your parent about this then you are not old enough to know.
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If your talking about the berry then just squeeze it with your fingers. If your talking about a hymen hymen the JUST HAVE SEX!

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