If Your Cherry Gets Popped What Happens?


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The term indicates that the hymen has been "broken" but that doesn't mean virginity is lost. The hymen is a fold of skin that forms a ring or circle around the vaginal opening -- you can see it with the naked eye. With exercise and/or sexual activity, it wears away. "Popping" is a misnomer because the "cherry" is never a solid, attached barrier.

If you have just had sex for the first time, go see a doctor to make sure that you have not been infected with any STDs. If you did not use birth control, then exercise your options now. You CAN get pregnant the first time you have sex -- cherry or no cherry.
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That is totally wrong or i would be pregnent by now and im not and my cherry is not poped and the doctor said i have 10 cherrys so yea
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If your doctor told you that you have 10 cherries, you need to get a new doctor, girl!
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You've gone all the way with someone.  It can be done by guys fhand but mostly its a shaft that hits the mark.  Usually in the seat of a car with your knees in the air and a boy who went about 10 seconds before he lost it.  It's much better later.

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