How Long Do You Bleed When You Get Your Cherry Popped?


8 Answers

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dianna jones answered
Each girl is different some don't even bleed but it shouldnt last long but it could hap;en each time you have sex for a while
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Anonymous answered
It Will Bleed For The Same Day But Not To Long Though But It All Depends On The Girl Many Girls Are Diffrent Some don't Bleed But Some Do And It May Bleed a lot But No Worries It Only Last For A Day
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Lorraine W. answered

Not long at all, the next time you have sex with that person it shouldn't happen again, she will be sore for a while but nothing too bad.
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About a week then you will stop and bleed lightly for a day or more
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One time I happen to stumble upon a lil' cherry and my toe started bleeding severely.

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