Does A Female Bleed After He First Time Of Having Intercourse?


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Yes, at least if you break the hymen you should bleed. Basically from the beginning it goes like this...
Inside the vagina  is a thin piece of skin called a hymen. People that believe in god and church believe that its there so when the man pushes into the woman when his penis goes thru that it breaks and blood is shed. In the old days there were no contracts lawyers legal dealings you merely were a man of your word and your word was your bond. Legally valid. The blood covenant was the strongest bond or contract you could make. So they sacrificed animals or made blood covenants with each other. Like how native indians used to be blood brothers? Well, when the hymen breaks and blood is shed since sex is intended for marriage and your supposed to be married to that person for forever, when the man penetrates the woman he takes her virginity and makes a blood covenant with her. In parts of the middle east they take the sheet from the marriage bed and hang it outside of the house to show the blood to all those that pass by as proof the female was a virgin if not the family can take her out and kill her for dishonoring the family by being unclean (which to them is equal to being something horrible like a murderer maybe worse.)

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