If A Married Person Has Daily Intercourse And Sometimes For A Second Time Too, After The Age Of 40, Does It Harm Health?


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Sex after 40 cannot damage our health.life begins at 40. Remember? You don't know that sex is the no 1 aspect in married life. Not only that, its not just you know about sex but you should know on how to perform it in order to satisfy your husband. A wife should not ashamed to ask her husband if she likes it. If you want your marriage to be successful you have to know what and how to do sex. As we can see lots of married couples divorce and become separated because some wives don't know how to perform sex in order to make their husband happy. Man cannot live without sex. Ladies ok..but them no! If you wanted to be happy and let your husband stay with you for a lifetime learn to be expert about sex and a good housewife..Sex is the best medicine if you have high blood pressure. That's a good exercise to your heart and it releases the cholesterol in our body through sweating..so after 40 don't be afraid to have intercourse with your husband or wife. Enjoy that and explore the healthiest ever younger feelings in you.

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