If A Guy Already Popped Your Cherry... Is It Normal To Bleed The Second Time You Had Sex When The First Time You Already Bled?


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Pain and bleeding during sex are usually a result of a woman being too dry. When there isn't enough lubrication the friction can easily tear the delicate tissue down there. A water-based lubricant usually helps. If it does not help for you, you should talk to a doctor about it just to make sure everything looks ok.
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You could be starting your period, the sex could be too rough, or if you scratched your vagina somehow on the way in, that could be why.
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Is your friend sure this isn't her period ?but it is kind of normal for her to bleed Again,,is she having any pain.is she bleeding a lot or a -little.I think this is Normal but if shes in some kind of real pain from this she should see her dr right Away..about this I'm thinking this could be normal as long as she felling well. And She isn't in any pain she will be find..Take care.
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Itsz fine the first time yu have sex &+ yur cherry ' pops ' it doesn't actually pop . It rips . So it prolly wasn't torn fully . It happened to me before tell her everythings fine
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My girlfriend and I first had sex it was 6 times before she stopped its ok some girls have smaller vaginas then others 

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