If A Guy Stands You Up Should You Say Its Over?


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Meet with him face to face in a public place so it can't get out of hand. Be friendly. And ask him what happened. If he has a reason that you can believe, laugh it off and start again. But if your tummy tells you he's cooked up a story, maybe he just isn't that into you. Either way you got to know before you either drive on or carry on
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Alva Lipscomb answered
If you truly think he is sincere, you might want to give it another try. FYI, look out for the patterns though. Don't get suckered in with too many of those so-called near-to-tear apologies. But, at least he apologized. Some don't even bother with that.
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Depends ask him out to the movies again and stands you up again then dump him hes not looking for a serious relationship
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No, because you never know wants the true reason for them doing so
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I think if a guy stands you up.....ask him why?... And give him a second chance...all guys do.....in a girls point I understand that.....but if he truly loves you...then its meant to be..... I had the same problem with this one sweet,funny, loves his friends...but I've messed that up big time... You need to be confident and go wit your heart or conchance..... So do what your heart wants...thats what I would do...
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I think you shouldn't brake up with him, after all he still loves you:)

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