Do You Think Your Man Should Stand Up For You..if You Are Disrespected By Someone?


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John answered
The last part sounds way off base for anyone to say to anyone else no matter who they are,the first part could be taken as being in poor judgement or just for fun that would be up to you personally to decide. Sounds like you have a big decision to make whether this guy's family and him are the ones you want to spend your life with/hang around or think of as your future husband and in-laws.
Karie Profile
Karie answered
If he doesn't stand up for you for stuff that u just said , he is not worth wasting your love on. If he gets away with not standing up for you with this it will get worse on other things as well
carrie Profile
carrie answered
I wouldn't be with someone who didn't either stand up for me, or back me up when I stood up for myself. Which is what I hope you did. And it doesn't sound like those people are actually your friends. Even if they were just teasing, sounds pretty harsh.
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Pat Merrifield answered
All the above answers were excellent and rated a WOW. Your man will always stand up for you even if you happen to be wrong, like Harpo says, real men stand up for their mates.
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Susan Bohl answered
He'd better stand up for me.  If someone loves you, and cares about you, he shouldn't think twice about putting anyone who insults you, in their place.  Of course, there should never be any physical altercations, but he shouldn't hesitate in speaking up in your behalf.

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